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angel_rpf's Journal

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Real Person Fiction/Slash of any fandom, any pairing
This comm is for all of us who walk on the darkside and like to write real person fic... with the emphasis on slash! All fandoms, all pairings welcome. This comm is for fic primarily. If you want to post anything else please email me first.

The rules are simple and will be enforced:

1) Membership is moderated and restricted to over 18s. Please provide your date of birth here.
2) No fictional characters allowed unless it is part of the rpf.
3) No flaming, no bitching. Email me at avon09@googlemail.com if there are any problems.
3) Absolutely no underage sex! All posts containing under-age sex or graphic child abuse will be deleted. NO exceptions.
4) Please rate your fic appropriately and provide warnings where necessary.
5) Please tag your work. Let me know if I need to add tags.
5) Basic literacy appreciated.

As this is a multi-fandom community please post your fic with the fandom/pairing clearly marked in the title.